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This Boil Buddies by Southern Homewares brand Silicone boil over spill guard makes an excellent addition to any kitchen arsenal. Simply place the Boil Buddies Spill Guard over the top of the pot with the center circle (flower) facing up. Leave the guard on the pot until cooking is done. This will prevent any boiling water from boiling over the sides of the pot or pan. When removing allow any excess water in the middle to drain. Spill Guard measures 10 in. in diameter and is designed to fit any pot or pan 6 in. to 9.5 in. in diameter. Silicone bag makes an excellent addition to any kitchen arsenal. Simply place the desired food in the Boil Buddies Boiling Bag and pull the draw string tight. Then place the bag and it*s contents in the pot of boiling water and cook till done. Once the food has cooked the perfect amount, easily remove the bag by the drawstring and you*re done. Bag is green in color. When laid out completely flat the bag has a 12 in. diameter. Silicone Baking Mat is the perfect companion for any kitchen. This generously sized mat is composed of 556 small raised triangles that allow the fat and grease to just drip away while cooking. This ensures crispier, juicier, and overall more healthy servings. The mat has a non stick cooking surface and is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Overall dimension when laid flat is 16 in. long 12.5 in. wide and 0.4 in. tall, but can simply and quickly be cut down to fit any smaller sized pot or pan.

  • Set of 3 popular silicone cooking accessories
  • Includes 1 boil buddies boil over spill guard
  • Includes 1 boil buddies boiling bag
  • Includes 1 healthy homewares baking mat
  • All are made of food grade silicone and are green in color


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