Simposh Simpresso Portable Black Espresso Machine with Filter


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The Simpresso is a new portable espresso machine compatible with NS Original capsules and homemade smart capsules. 100% BPA FREE – Simpresso complies with major safety approvals for food contact materials. It is a 100% BPA free material and food contact safe material. SAVE TIME and MONEY – After using the Simpresso, you will say ※No§to your coffee machine and French Press. Also, you will stop spending for overpriced espresso at the coffee shop again. Anytime and Anywhere – Excellent for your home, office, hotel, train, airplane, beach, road tripping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, canoeing, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and more. Simpresso Premium Travel Package includes: 1 piece Simpresso unit 1 piece detachable transparent cup 4 set smart capsules 1 set NS capsule adapter (filter and capsule basket) 1 piece waterproof travel bag 1 piece scoop 1 piece instruction book.

  • Hand powered high quality espresso anywhere
  • Pours single shot to lungo size cups, 19-bar pressure, using your choice of ground beans or NS original pods
  • Transparent large water tank for easy cleaning
  • Includes 4-pre-pack re-usable smart capsules + water proof travel bag


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