RCA Bluetooth Home Theater System


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Enjoy theater quality sound from the comfort of your living room by adding this RCA Bluetooth Home Theater System. Connect multiple devices using the receiver*s included HDMI and audio inputs. Bluetooth capability allows you to stream audio from other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use this wireless home theater system*s multi-function remote to adjust volume, toggle between inputs, speaker sound level and surround sound effects. Its Dolby Digital 5.1 channel system delivers an impressive theater-quality experience that you and your guests are sure to love. Entertain your ears and immerse yourself in an amazing multimedia experience with this RCA Bluetooth Home Theater System. It is outstanding for use with movies, TV programs, music, video games and more. RCA Bluetooth Home Theater System: Dolby Digital 5.1 channel 1000W total power 3 HDMI inputs 6 audio inputs AM/FM digital tuner Bluetooth Remote control 1-year parts and labor warranty Model# RT2781HB RCA home theater system delivers theater-quality sound for TV, movies, music, video games and more


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