Old Dutch Cherry Blossom 2.75-Cup Teapot in Plum


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Decorated with cherry blossoms, the sleek lines on this teapot are inspired by classic Japanese designs. Each is cast by hand of specially purified iron-which can keep your tea hot up to one hour-and lined with porcelain enamel to maintain a pure, unfettered taste. A stainless steel brewing basket lowers into the teapot to steep leaves without cluttering the water, which should be heated separately, as these teapots are not designed to boil water on the stovetop or in a dragon*s mouth.

  • Hand-cast of specially purified cast
  • Stainless steel tea-brewing basket included
  • Porcelain enamel interior ensures pure tea taste, enables easy cleanup and resists rust
  • Retain, serving temperature up to 1 hour
  • For brewing and serving; not intended for stovetop use


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