modernhome Premium 5.8 Qt. Black Family-Sized Digital Air Fryer with Recipes


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Bake, fry, grill, reheat, roast and toast your favorite meats, breakfasts, desserts, vegetables and more faster than ever with the Modernhome Family-Sized Air Fryer. It reaches 400~ in seconds using the most powerful Air Frying technology to cook faster than a traditional, convection or microwave oven. With no oil, enjoy your favorite flavor-packed, deliciously-crunchy, crispy meals up to 90% less fat, calories and grease. Roast mouth-watering chicken wings, saute sizzling vegetables, grill tender salmon or bake rich desserts instantly to enjoy and share anytime. Perfectly-prepared and in less time than ever, Finally, enjoy mouth-watering meals in comfort knowing that your parts and accessories are covered by our Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty on accessories and friendly customer service. Endless culinary adventures await – with the Modernhome Air Fryer.

  • Your new go-to appliance, the all-in-1 modernhome air fryer replaces your deep fryer, microwave, toaster, convection oven and more while reducing fat in your food by up to 90% and eliminating the need for oil
  • 400~ in 30-seconds: beat the preheat as the air fryer heats to 400~ in seconds using the most powerful air frying technology to evenly cook and crisp your food from all angles, bake, fry, reheat, toast, roast and grill your favorite meats, breakfasts, desserts and vegetables and more much faster than a traditional, convection or microwave oven, most ovens take an average of 15-minutes to heat to 400~ but the modernhome air fryer wastes no time
  • Bright, clear led with touch-control buttons: an illuminated led screen makes it easy to see the remaining time from across the room, while touch-controls allow you to precisely adjust temperature and time at any point in the process
  • Included full color recipe cookbook no guilt, no guesswork, includes a full-color cookbook with mouth-watering recipes so you can get started right away, all your favorite meals are just a touch away
  • Dishwasher safe: our FDA-approved, dishwasher-safe baskets and accessories make cleanup a breeze
  • Built-in safety features include auto-shutoff sensors that detect when the door is open and safely turn the unit off immediately
  • Hassle-free lifetime warranty: all parts and accessories are backed by Modernhome*s lifetime warranty and live customer service, enjoy your favorite foods with the assurance that we*re here to help you anytime, the unit itself is backed by a 1-year warranty


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