MALACASA 2-Piece Oval Green Porcelain Bakeware Set 12.75 in. and 14.5 in. Baking Pans


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There is no denying the fact that delicious food is one of the most prominent weakness of everyone. A plate full of exquisite dishes is something which people even dream about in their sleep. And if you are foodie then what to say more, food lovers don*t eat to live. Rather they live to eat delicious food or dishes. So exquisite bake ware pans are important part to their attention. Oval green porcelain baking pans including 12.75 in. and 14.5 in. bake ware pans. Porcelain Bake dishes at different sizes and functions fit for most food in daily life.

  • Good set of dinnerware will bring a touch of class to any dinner table and remain in style for years while withstanding the rigors of daily use, our bake ware set perfect meet your daily needs
  • Bake ware is made of durable porcelain, a type of premium lead-free and non-toxic ceramic, our porcelain baking pans will not cause any chemical reaction with food, ensure your families healthy diet
  • Stackable baking dishes will not occupy too much space, bake ware pans is ideal for making and sharing grain, roasted meat, brownies and desserts etc. safe for microwave and oven
  • With elegant great looking, ceramic bake ware set goes anywhere in any setting to impress your guests and simply add a touch of sophistication to any table


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