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Flush King Reverse RV flush valve provides you with the quickest and most effective way to fill, rinse and remove residue from your black or gray holding tanks.

Flush King rapidly refills the holding tank no matter what height of tank or angles in plumbing. Unique design eliminates messy wands and hoses inside the RV by allowing you to reverse flush your tanks from the outside. Powerful performance removes clogs in drain pipes and improves sensor performance for more accurate readings. Four locking hooks provide a tighter seal to guard against leakage. For your convenience, the handle swivels 360 degrees to make hook up and operation easier. The innovative clear barrel allows you to see when the tanks are completely clean of residue, so there is no guess work.

Flush King fits all Trailers and 5th Wheels and most Motor Homes and is not a permanent attachment. Twist on and off, how easy does it get! Connect the Flush King to your RV*s sewer pipe and your sewer hose to the valve. Now you are ready to dump, rinse or clean your tanks in one easy operation! When you are finished, simply remove the Flush King and store it away.

Sanitary and efficient, no other product on the market does a complete job like the Flush King. Fills tanks at any height or angle of plumbing. Backflow preventer included. Non permanent attachment. Easy to use and connectShow moreShow less

  • Removes remaining residue in the gray and black tank after dumping
  • Improves sensor performance
  • Eliminates messy wands and hoses inside the RV
  • Works on Motorhomes, Trailers and 5th Wheel RVs
  • Clear barrel allows you to see the cleaning in action


Unit Weight 1.88 lb
Brand Valterra
MFG Part No. FK-02/F02-4350


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