Fire Power – Digital Battery Tester – HBT-0401


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Fire Power – Digital Battery Tester – HBT-0401

CCA capacity of the battery will need to be known for proper testing, CCA list is included with the instructions. Contact WPS if your powersport battery is not listed.*The primary intention for this tester is to analyze a batteries condition, if it does not analyze a charging systems condition properly, it does not mean that the tester is at fault.

  • Tests cold cranking amps (CCA) on all 12 volt lead acid, lead gel and lithium batteries
  • Works with powersport and automotive batteries
  • 2000 CCA test capacity
  • Shows voltage state of charge and state of health of the battery
  • Adjustable backlight display, can be used in varying light conditions
  • Also capable of testing most automotive and some powersport vehicle charging systems*
  • Includes storage case


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