Extreme Max 3005.3855 Straight Transom Saver – 29″ to 53″


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Trailering puts a strain on your transom. The weight of your motor, high-speed trailering, potholes, bumps. simple physics says it*s not good for your boat. Extreme Max wants to take that weight off your transom*s ※shoulders§. This straight transom saver mounts over your trailer*s rear roller, and extends from 29∪ to 53∪. It distributes the weight of your motor and power trim to the rest of your boat, eliminating strain on your transom and protecting your boat. We*ve done the math and calculated how to best support your transom and distribute your motor*s weight. We*ve done the heavy mental lifting to give you unmatched, optimal weight distribution. Easy installation. Easy removal. Extreme Max offers a replacement ※V§ block (3005.2187) and over-the-roller adapter (3001.0060). Two-year replacement warranty. Go ahead, take a load off your transom.

Straight boat transom saver mounts over the trailer*s rear roller
Stabilizes motor and power trim to protect transom during trailering
Transom saver extends from 29∪ to 53∪
Steel construction with rubber V-block
Rated for outboards up to 150 HP, Two-year replacement warranty


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