Emotiva Audio ERC-3 Balanced CD Player & Transport


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  • Complete disc solution: plays all Red Book stereo audio CDs, HDCDs, MP3 CDs, and the Red Book layer of hybrid SACDs..
  • Audiophile sound quality through superior design: Analog Devices AD1955 high-performance DAC with multiple isolated and well-filtered linear power supplies for analog and digital circuitry..
  • Versatile analog connectivity: both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs are provided..
  • Works great as a transport, too; To slink optical, coax, and AES/EBU outputs provided..
  • High-quality construction throughout: reinforced steel chassis with additional mass loading to minimize interference and vibration, machined solid aluminum faceplate, a high-reliability tray loading mechanism, and machined gold-plated output connections..
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