DuraMax Flo n* Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can


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Brand: Scepter USAColor: RedFeatures:

  • Duramax 14 gallon fuel tank on wheels, ideal for farm and rural use as well as marine and recreational use
  • Ergonomically designed, heavy-duty top handle with extra deep base unit handholds for transport
  • Perfect for use with outboard engines
  • Molded-in feet keep tank off floor for increased ventilation and stability
  • Accepts standard 1/4 NPT marine tank fittings
  • Comes with MaxFlo Siphon Pump with at-the-handle pump control allows for auto-shut-off and restarts and clean, hassle-free siphon control
  • Wheeled for easy transportation, high density polypropelyne for dent, corrosion and rust resistance
  • 10 foot hose with two shut-off valves , at both the thank and the hose connector make the hoes easy to disconnect for refilling and transportation
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial and recreational applications
  • Use on light commercial equipment, farms, landscape crews, dockside and cottage applications

Binding: SportsRelease Date: 19-01-2007Details: Product DescriptionThe scepter flo N* go Duramax 14 gallon portable fuel caddy is siphon based and manufactured from durable, high-density polyethylene. It is designed for industrial, commercial, and recreational applications and comes with a 10∩ hose and hanger for easy storage. Made for use with gasoline, diesel, or kerosene fuels and is great to use with boats, generators, lawn tractors, snowmobiles, ATVs, and more.Amazon.comWhether your fuel needs include watercraft, hunting and camping, generators, backyard power equipment, or professional landscaping tools, the Duramax Flo &n* Go fluid transfer pump and rolling gas can make refueling a snap. The Flo &n* Go is made of a durable, high-density polyethylene material in red that safely holds gasoline, diesel, or kerosene fuels. When it comes time to refill, the pump*s patented Flo &n* Go hand pump and pump holder handle takes over, letting you transfer fluids on level surfaces with minimal priming. And thanks to the dual mechanical shutoff valves at both the tank and hose, the tank*s disconnection is spill-proof, providing a safe fuel transfer for both you and the ecosystem. The tank includes a sizable 14-gallon/53-liter capacity and a 10-foot-long fuel hose, as well as a bolt-on hanger for convenient hose storage. And users will love the sturdy 6-inch wheels, which makes it a breeze to maneuver the tank over rough terrain. Other features include an ergonomically designed, heavy-duty top handle with extra-deep base unit handholds for transport; a UL-approved mechanically vented fill cap; and recessed grooves that provide nuisance-free strapping locations for safer transport. The Flo &n* Go fluid transfer pump meets all DOT and UN transportation requirements.Package Dimensions: 33.3 x 16.5 x 13.1 inches


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