Cuisinart Pistachio Green Ice Cream Maker/Frozen Yogurt Maker


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Automatic?﹞?Frozen Bowl

Frosty green like pistachio ice cream, this ice cream maker from Cuisinart creates frozen treats without messy ice or salt. Cuisinart’s fully automatic ice cream maker can make a 1.5-quart batch of ice cream, yogurt, sorbet or frozen drinks in as little as 20 minutes. Once you toss your ingredients into the spout, the heavy-duty motor, double-insulated freezer bowl and patented mixing paddle do all the work for you. Bowl must be frozen overnight in advance. The results are consistently smooth, and clean-up is a breeze. View all Cuisinart products Double insulated freezer bowl Plastic Easy pour-in spout Heavy-duty motor No ice or salt required Instruction/recipe book included Hand wash removable parts


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