Chevy SBC 350 5.7L HP Stage 5 510/533 Lift Cam Camshaft & Lifters Kit MC5871


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  • ENGINE PRO MC5871 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Stage 5 Camshaft and Lifters for CHEVROLET Small Block V8 engines 1958-95, 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 – GOOD FOR PRO STREET, BRACKET, OVAL RACING with 3500+ STALL CONVERTER.
  • Rough Idle With Heavy Lope, Mid to High Range Torque in the 3800-5000 RPM Range, Gives Strong Pulling Power in 3500-7500 Range. Comes with our HA817 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters.
  • Advertised Duration: Intake 313 Exhaust 328, Duration @ .050∪: Intake 244 Exhaust 254, Valve Lift: Intake 508 Exhaust 532, Lobe Separation: Intake 107 Exhaust 117, Lash: .010∪ Intake, .020∪ Exhaust.
  • Great for Pro Street, Bracket Drag and Oval Track Racing with Automatic Transmissions Using 3500+ Stall Converters or Heavy-Duty Manual Transmissions. Likes Compression Ratios Over 10.5:1. Manifold Vacuum Will Not Operate Power Brakes or Accessories. Computer Modifications Will Be Required. Always Check Piston to Valve Clearance.
  • Street or strip, Engine Pro Performance Camshafts simply out perform the competition. Our manufacturing accuracy promotes improved valve train stability resulting in enhanced power gains. Our controlled ramplobe profiles offer acceleration rates extending valve train life while delivering maximum horsepower. Ground in the U.S.A. with 100% American Made Manganese Phosphate Coated Flame Hardened Castings and Induction Hardened Billets Using Computer Designed Lobe Profiles for Maximum Power.
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