Automatic Zen Garden Sand Bowl – Kinetic Art


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This sand art bowl can create over 80 designs completely adjustable by you! Its soothing, mesmerizing patterns can relax you and destress your mind. A small metal ball smoothly glides through the fine sand to endlessly produce symmetric designs in the sand as you relax.

– On/off switch
– 6ft power cord
– Rubber feet for nonslip
– Extra metal ball
– Made from black glossy PLA plastic

– Height: 2.85in
– Diameter: 8.65in

International orders:
Check the voltage information below. You may need an adapter for it to work since this product is built and designed in the US.

Motor specifications are:
– Voltage: AC 100-127 V
– Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz
– 10,000-hour lifespan.
– Not meant to run 24/7

Instructions to get started:
– Remove bowl from the packaging.
– Place one of the metal balls on the top of the bowl until it attaches to the magnet
– Remove the metal ball and remember the magnet*s location
– Pour roughly 2 tablespoons of sand onto the top surface and use a fork to spread evenly (it should be a thin layer. Use a combination of scraping with the fork and tapping the side of the bowl until smooth.
– Place the metal ball on the general area of the magnet- it should attach easily.
Place the bowl on a solid level surface, safe from pets and small children (I recommend placing it on a plate or tray if the surface has a tablecloth in case the motor gets hot).
– Plug the power cable into an outlet and turn on the switch making sure the cable is out of the way and not a tripping hazard.
– Now, sit back and enjoy.

Tips for changing the designs:
Remove the metal ball from the sand and remove the cover by loosening both screws on the top. Carefully remove the top and place it somewhere safe. Use your screwdriver to help remove the magnets (they should pop right out and attach to your screwdriver. Place them in a new slot for a different design. For more designs, remove the screw that holds the magnet holder rail to the gear and screw it into any of the 8 other holes (the closer to the edge of the gear, the larger the design). For even more fun designs, try attaching the second magnet into a different slot for two designs at once.

Once you have made the switch, simply screw the cover back on and place your metal ball or balls in the sand.

(Note: The bowl is not meant to run 24/7. Make sure you shut it off if you*re going to be away for a long period of time.)


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