Atwood Mobile – 6 Gal Water Heater Ge9ext – 90071


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Atwood*s Exothermal Technology has increased the hot water output of the XT Water Heater by 50% but not the size of the water heater. The Atwood XT can be installed in the same cut-out space as current popular Atwood Water Heaters. Comes pre-configured with a winterizing bypass kit including a bypass valve tee-fittings hoses and a thermostatically controlled mixing valve with check valves on both inlets. The Atwood XT uses Exothermal Technology to provide the equivalent of 16 gallons of hot water while maintaining the same weight as popular current Atwood Water Heaters. Recovery GPH: (6 Gal.) Gas 11.5 Electric 6.2 Gas/Electric 17.7; (10 Gal.) Gas 13.5 Electric 6.2 Gas/Electric 19.7

Capacity: 6 Gal.
Size: 19.5∪L x 16∪W x 12.5∪H
Input: 8.800 BTU
Watts: 1400


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