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74710100043Antler King*s JOLT Foliar Fertilizer is easy to use 〞 just mix with water and spray over any food plot after plants are at least 3 inches tall. With conventional dry granular fertilizer, you have to pray that it will rain to dissolve the granular fertilizer and wash it down to the roots of the plants. Without a timely rain, you risk the granular fertilizer burning the plants your trying to help grow. With JOLT, you can optimize your plots potential for maximum tonnage. By spraying the JOLT solution onto the stem and leaves of the plants, it is similar to spoon feeding the plant, an efficient and readily available fertilizer.

  • Economical and efficient way to maximize the tons of succulent forage you produce on your food plots.
  • Wait until plants are at least 3 inches tall for first application.
  • Spray JOLT weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – based on desired results.
  • Can be sprayed on natural vegetation such as fruit bearing trees, honeysuckle and other plants that are either natural food sources or provide wildlife cover.
  • Easy to use, just mix with water and spray.
  • 32 oz. bottle will cover a 2 acre plot or can be applied four times on a 1/2 acre plot.


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